Our experienced and skilled rental property professionals know what they are doing when it comes to keeping everything running smoothly for you. Our managing broker will handle the entire process of managing your investment.  We have the staff to take the burden and stress of managing your properties for you.  

We offer easy online applications for potential tenants, and fast background screenings.  We have maintenance contractors we work with to maintain your investments and handle the cleaning, repair and turn around of your units.  

When it comes to property management in Danville and the surrounding communities, you will find the help you need at Oxner Properties. We work with the latest technology to make everything easier for you. We use award winning property management software that is tailored to this industry.  Need to check on expense details or profit and loss reports? Its just a click away on our online owners web access!

We represent the interests of investors from all over the United States.  Our clients include banks, doctors,  lawyers, law enforcement, and other real estate professionals.  We have had many out of state investors come to us after initially over paying for properties and also being over charged for maintenance.  We will help you find and evaluate properties that will be profitable rental investments.   

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