Single Family Homes


Investor Services and property management in Danville, IL 

Danville, IL is one of the top communities in the nation for rental property investment. We have successfully worked with numerous investors from all over the country in finding suitable investments without you over paying.  We can help you identify solid properties and manage any repairs or maintenance they require.  We have the local experience you need.  You can work with our licensed managing broker or your local realtor. You will not over pay for properties we help you find!  

Whether your Danville, IL area property management needs are single family homes, multi-unit buildings or an apartment complex, it is often difficult to keep up with the jobs of screening tenants, maintenance, and collecting rent. This is where Oxner Properties can step in and provide you with the right professional solutions.​

We use the award winning industry leading software solution designed specifically for property management.  RentManager - Property Management Software.